Photo: Twitter via yahoo.com

 Four-year-old Marcella Marino, a Birtish girl who fashioned her long blonde hair just like the pop-star Lady gaga into a giant bow, has been banned from wearing it in her elementary school class picture. Apparently, the school handbook states that it has a no-ribbon rule, therefore a hairstyle that resembles a ribbon is not permitted. My question is....what is this world coming to? When ribbons,and bows are not allowed, but bullying and rudeness is. Hummmm kind of makes you think twice eh? Besides, the hair is shaped as a bow, it isn't actually a 'bow' per-say.

Do you see any ribbons here?
Join the anti bullying movement tomorrow with like-minded people across Canada!

Wear a pink t-shirt and show the world that you are against bullying. Always remember that our children are a mirror of our actions, so treat people with respect. Remember to treat others the same way you would like to be treated. This is all an attempt to change the future of our children as well as society as a whole.

According to www.pinkshirtday.ca "Every seven seconds in Canada, a child is bullied. This alarming statistic fuels the passion behind CKNW’s 5th annual anti-bullying campaign Pink Shirt 
Day – Bullying Stops Here! "

A startling statistic when you think, these are our children, many of which live in fear everyday.