A Spanish toymaker known as Berjuan has developed a breast-feeding doll that comes with a special halter top its young "mothers" wear as they pretend to breast-feed their "babies." The halter top has daisies that cover the little girls’ nipples and come undone just as easily as the flaps of a nursing bra would.

The doll — called Bebe Gloton, which translates as “gluttonous baby” — makes sucking noises as it "feeds."

Critics charge it might speed up maternal desires, leading to more teen pregnancies. Others - including the company - believe it's a good thing to make young girls comfortable with their bodies.

"Breasfeeding is completely natural," Berjuan's marketing and sales director told ABCNews.com. "It is not something that we have invented ourselves. It is something that is done all around the world."
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