A mommy blogger appeared on 'ABC News' and shared that her 7-year-old son starts his day with a cup of coffee. Mother, Christie Haskell (Cafe Moms-The Stir) gives her son Rowan a second dose of caffeine later on in the day.

 "He doesn't overreact if we ask him to pick up Legos, rather than screaming and throwing himself on the floor," Haskell told ABC. "And if we ask him to sit down and do homework, he can actually do it." She says that shes been using it as an alternative to meds for his ADHD Behavior. Common symptoms include inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Sitting in a classroom and focusing on a lecturing teacher is a struggle for any kid, but for those with ADHD it's nearly impossible.

They are mainly backed by anecdotes, and online you can find pages upon pages of stories about parents curing their kids' ADHD with herbs, nutritional supplements, and special diets.The most common treatment for ADHD is behavioral therapy combined with prescription drugs such as Ritalin and some 2.5 million kids take stimulant drugs for ADHD. But many parents fear side effects and turn to alternative treatments, ranging from fish oil supplements and sugar-free diets to massage and yoga. 

When Haskell noticed that her son was especially rambunctious, she went online for help and that's where she learned about treating ADHD with coffee. She gave it a try and was astounded by the results.

Have you used an alternative treatment to treat your child's ADHD? Do you think an alternative to Medicine is the answer? Even if the side effects of coffee are harsh also?