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Recently a campaign lobbying to get a bald Barbie doll for children who suffer from Cancer, Alopecia or Trichotillomania as well as children who have a mother or family member going through these types of treatments has gained tremendous success due to social media. Immediately a rapid response of individuals interested in making this happen, took affect and a few months later bald barbie is set to be made!! 

Today Mattel released this statement on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mattel?sk=wall Play is vital for children, especially during difficult times. We are pleased to share with our community that next year we will be producing a fashion doll, that will be a friend of Barbie, which will include wigs, hats, scarves and other fashion accessories to provide girls with a traditional fashion play experience. For those girls who choose, the wigs and head coverings can be interchanged or completely removed. We will work with our longstanding partner, the Children’s Hospital Association, to donate and distribute the dolls exclusively to children’s hospitals directly reaching girls who are most affected by hair loss. A limited number of dolls and monetary donations will also be made to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Through a thoughtful approach, we made the decision not to sell these dolls at retail stores, but rather get the dolls directly into the hands of children who can most benefit from the unique play experience, demonstrating Mattel’s ongoing commitment to encourage play as a respite for children in the hospital and to bring joy to children who need it most. We appreciate the conversation around this issue, and are interested to hear what you think!
The new dolls are said to have accessories such as wigs, bandanas, scarves and hats will be included with the Barbie doll. It is too bad these dolls will not be on store-shelves any time soon, but it is a step in the right direction! Way to go Mattel!

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Safety 1st Cabinet 'Push N Snap' Locks Recalled Due to Lock Failure

Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) Inc., has recalled approximately 900,000 units of this product. Young children can disengage the cabinet locks, therefore allowing access to cabinet posing the risk of injury and access to dangerous contents.

Over 200 reports of locks that did not adequately secure the cabinet, as well as inadequate functioning of the locks.  In three of the reported incidents, the children who gained access swallowed or handled dishwashing detergent, window cleaner or oven cleaner, and were treated, observed and released from emergency treatment centers.

Recall involves Safety 1st Push ‘N Snap cabinet locks with model numbers 48391 and 48442. The model numbers are printed on the back of the product and on packaging. Locks manufactured between January 2004 and November 2010 are included in the recall. The date of manufacture is embossed on the back. The arrow on the wheel points to the month and the numbers of either side of arrow represent the year of manufacture. (source: globalconnek.com)

Sold at: Bed Bath & Beyond, and other retail stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com from January 2004 through February 2012 for between $2 and $4.

Consumers should remove the locks from cabinets and contact DJG.

For additional information, contact DJG toll-free at (866) 762-3212 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at www.djgusa.com
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Earlier this week Canadians were greeted on with a Health Hazard Alert from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for reports of E.coli in beef products. Now, this recall is expanding to cover a number of brands and counting!  Although, most of the recalled meat is beef-burger related, some ground meat products have also been affected. You can identify the recalled batch by  establishment number 761 and are said to be produced between July 1st 2011, and Feb 15th 2013. 

The products that may be contaminated were distributed nationally to retail stores, restaurants and institutions such as hospitals
(globalmontreal.com)Loblaws stores are currently taking back the designated beef products with the proper receipt.A list of the recalled beef products can be found at the CFIA website

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We are one short month away from celebrating the thing we should pay respect to the most – mother earth!  In celebration of Earth Day, I have taken it upon myself to take an entire month to dedicate to the planet we all call home. This doesn’t seem much when you think about how much we depend on mother earth everyday for our existence and our children’s well beings. By doing this at least maybe I can continue to take all the necessary steps to making myself a more environmentally sound person, and perhaps rub some of that off on you!

Here is a simple list I have compiled to help get me through the month (hopefully longer):

1. When possible, walk instead of drive.

2. Recycle toys and clothing.

3. Get outside more often!

4. Pick up litter.

5. Teach my children to respect our planet as best as I can.

6. Ease up on consumerism. ‘Don’t NEED it, don’t buy it’

7. Pack waste-free lunches and snacks.

8. Plant a tree.

9. Stop using harsh chemicals in the home.

That’s it, its that simple. I think I can surely do this for a month! Mother nature deserves the longest lifespan she can have, and together I think we can change…we have to want it first!