I am the type of girl who loves her chips and the occasional slushy, but lately I have discovered a whole new world of food that I never knew existed --healthy food! 

I know it isn't always easy to eat healthy, especially when on the go (like many of us are), but my new found love for real foods has actually made me re-think my entire way of life.

For me, basically, it comes down to a few simple rules:
1. Eat 'whole' foods or 'real' foods. 
2. Do NOT eat past 8pm (earlier if possible)
3. Drink a lot of water
4. Your body needs vitamins
5. Stock your fridge with healthy alternatives

I find that a lot of the foods I actually enjoy can actually be made at home by simply utilizing the foods we find in our garden or at a farm. Kale has recently been my 'go to' veggie of choice because I can place it in the oven, get it nice an crispy and enjoy just like a potato chip. As well as yogurt, fruit and veggie smoothies! Yum! 

I have also found a whole bunch of yummy alternative recipes and keep them on hand whenever I feel inventive or have a craving! With this strategy at maintaining weight, health and overall balance I think a positive outlook on life becomes essential. Having the proper balanced diet, vitamin intake and workout routine for me, has been a real life changing experience! I am a lot more fit, less irritable, and overall balanced as a whole being.

Remember you too can achieve this balance--if you want it bad enough!
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Here I am writing a week after my 30-day program success story!!

I did it! I lost 15lbs total with Isagenix!  I am down 2 jean sizes and a total of almost 20 inches!!
What you may already know is that Isagenix has made me feel more confident and happy about my body. What you may not know is that it taught me something too...

Let me explain, as with my previous posts, you may have noticed I am not much of a dieter or a person who likes to be told what to do. That's where the teaching method of Isagenix comes in. By doing the 30-day weight management program, I learnt how to portion my food intake and increase my energy level, something I was not doing before. I could have easily lost the weight by working out and eating properly I am sure....but for me this was a HUGE kick start to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

I know now, that with indulgence also comes a little bit of regret - something I won't be doing as often anymore.

The shakes were a convenient way for me to keep to my busy lifestyle and in a way they forced me to eat smaller meals more often as opposed to larger ones less-freguently.

What I Hate/Hated About Isagenix:
-The mixing and measuring is often annoying...
-The price tag attached
-The lack of information on meal planning

What I Love/Loved About Isagenix
- The convenience
- The community 
- The fact that you can make money while loosing weight
- The taste....I crave the shakes!
- The lessons learnt about eating right
- Sleeping better!
- Increase in energy
- less mood swings

I want to send a special thank-you to Angie for getting me started on Isagenix....I couldn't have done it without you!! IT REALLY WORKS!

If you have any questions about Isagenix, or you want to sign up on your own, please visit: Isagenix.com

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In my last post I was thrilled to have lost 8lbs on Isagenix.....as you can imagine, I was even more thrilled to find out that 2 days later I lost 10!! 

That was until Thanksgiving happened!! 

I feel so horrible that I fell off the 'wagon' during my 2 day celebrations. I feel like all I did was EAT for 2 consecutive days!! 

In my defence  I did not eat many carbs, and I ate a lot of veggies -still there were desserts, and plenty of them!!

Surprisingly, I still have maintained the 10lbs lost, but the guilt has set in. I keep thinking, I could have lost more if only I had the will-power!! I am continuing onto the next half of my routine with a guilty consious! Maybe it will work out for the better ;)

FYI I really LOVE the Vanilla shakes with the 'Want More Energy' sprinkled on top ---mmmmm creamsicle!! I am not liking the chocolate still, but it is tolerable if made with A LOT of ice!!

Wish me luck....my journey continues!

Where do I begin? I have never been a fan of dieting, ever!
I have been lucky enough to maintain my weight over the years without having to diet. Don't get me wrong, I am not thin, but I have remained the same weight for pretty much my whole life....without ever having to worry about what I ate. 


Since having my boys I have put on a couple of unwanted pounds, and they seem to keep lurking around no matter what I have tried! Normally, this would not bother me, but lately I have been feeling a little less healthy. Thankfully, Isagenix has come to the rescue!! They have provided me with a month supply of their product , under the condition that I attempt to live a more active lifestyle. So, in combination with Isagenix I have made it my mission to work out at least 3 times a week. At first, I was skeptical, I mean could a diet plan actually work for me?

Well, it has been 11 days to be exact from the start of this program and I admit, I feel AMAZING!! I have lost a total of 8 lbs and some noticeable inches and I am loving the convenience of the whole thing! The program consists of 2 shakes a day as meal replacements and a healthy meal for lunch or dinner. This is what was included:

1 Ionix® Supreme
2 Cleanse for Life™
4 IsaLean® Pro
1 Natural Accelerator™
1 Isagenix Snacks!™
1 IsaFlush!®
4 individual Want More Energy?® Sticks
1 Guide - 30 Day Pak w/ CD
I have to admit, I do prefer the vanilla shake to the chocolate though. I have found a way of making the chocolate a little more tolerable by making it with a lot of ice cubes so that it is thick and frothy...still not my fave, but it works for now ;) Overall, I have survived 11 days and I am thrilled to see what the rest of the 30 days will hold for me (and my body). I will keep you posted with my results throughout this process.

For more information visit: www.isagenix.com
If you would like help ordering or have any questions please feel free to contact me directly! 
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Nancy Ripton 

Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean you’re destined to have a muffin top belly for life. Here’s how to reclaim your flat tummy–and look better than ever.

They say every body is unique, but after a woman has her first baby no tummy is immune to holding onto a little extra weight. Add that women are having babies later in life and it makes it even harder to shed those extra pounds. Our metabolism peaks between age 25 and 28. After that, we need to work hard to build muscle or our bodies will have a harder time losing fat.

The good news is our bodies are incredibly resilient. In the early months after baby, breastfeeding can help you burn an extra 500 calories a day and melt away extra pounds. But some women find themselves with a muffin top years after having a baby. Here’s how to flatten your tummy at any stage after baby:

1. Become a strong woman: Spot reduction doesn’t work so it’s not enough to do sit-ups every day–you need to strength train your entire body. Muscle mass boosts your metabolism, forcing your body to burn more calories–even at rest. Do a total-body strength program two or three times a week.

2. Strengthen up on the job: No time for the gym? Set aside one-minute a day to do squats as a computer break; then another minute to do inclined pushups against the kitchen counter while you’re making dinner. You’re kids will think it’s hilarious and you’ll be surprised how quickly you see results!

3. Make your life more active: You don’t need to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes in a row to get the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Finding little ways to move more during the day will boast the same weight-loss success. Park your car five minutes away and walk to work or the mall. Garden. Play with your kids at the park. Take the stairs.

4. Fill up with fiber: Studies have found that a high-fiber diet will decrease body fat independent of other dietary changes. Aim for 25 to 35 grams per day through vegetables, multi-grain breads and cereals.

5. Drink up: Carry a bottle of water and aim to drink two liters throughout the day. Not only will it fill you up to prevent snacking when you’re not really hungry but proper hydration reduces bloating.

For more advice on how to shed your pregnancy weight click here or log onto justthefactsbaby.com