Photo: yahoo.com
Moroccan and Monroe made their primetime debut yesterday, when their parents introduced them t0 Barbara Walters on 20/20. The six month old cuties (gorgeous babies) were kept secret with only a simple Twitpic of their hands until now.

Mariah Carey (31) and Nick Cannon (41) seemed very comfortable with their parenting roles. A very smiley Cannon, 31, told Walters. “Unconditional love means...the world to me. I mean, it's completion." 

They now refer to the babies as 'Roc and Roe' which is a perfect fit for the lifestyle they are about to inherit!

The interview was situated inside the Carey-Cannon estate with a very on edge Cannon. I guess motherhood has taken a toll on Mariah because she was refer to the fact that her husband is a "man" and that she 'sometimes' trusts him. Hope this marriage lasts!!
photo: peoplemagazine.com