Once you look past the photo shopped photo of Nick Lachey (39) and son Camden, you can really see a striking resemblance between father and son. This photo was taken for Nicks newest release 'A Father's Lullaby' a series of 12 tracks dedicated to fatherhood and his son.

Great move on Nick's part...98 Degrees Fans everywhere are swooning at the doting dad!
Photo: @VanessaLachey (Twitter)
Yesterday the beautiful Vanessa Lachey Tweeted "My happiness...My Family! Ahh, My Boys! (Wookie included)" Baring it all for the world to see. At 31 Vanessa's belly is beautiful!! The happy couple are expecting a BOY in September!
This is going to be one handsome prince! What do you think? Bare it all or keep it hidden?