Jack Osborn, and fiancee Lisa Stelly welcome a baby GIRL today!! "Pearl" Osborne is the first grandchild to rocker Ozzy Osborne and wife Sharon. They are excited to say the least:

“I’m going to be the grandmother from hell, because I am going to spoil this baby so bad,” she said. “My son and Lisa are going to be like, ‘Get her out of here!’”  (celebritybabies.people.com)

Pearl weighed 8lbs 6oz at birth. Congratulations to the 'rockin' happy family!
Jack Osbourne, 25, announced that he's going to be a father with his fiancée, actress Lisa Stelly,who announcing their engagement less than 2 weeks ago!

"The most amazing man I've ever met asked me to marry him....and he wasn't joking!" Stelly, 26, Tweeted last month. "

What is with all the sudden pregnancies by young celebs? will this union last, or is it just an 'inheritance prank?